System evaluation IV: My journey to Fuji

After 3 years this is now my next iteration of getting my head around the gear choices I havemade. Since I have started with photography in 2006, I have had all formats from medium format (film), full frame aka 24×36, APS-C and micro four thirds. The summary of these experiences can be read in the previous versions. (links to follow)

Though I have had afantastic time with M43 and got great pictures, I was still incapable of selling my Pentax gear, partly due to an emotional bonding, partly due to thesuperior image quality. Beyond scientific: I just liked the pictures more andwas always looking for the next big thing with M43, which eventually led to the point where I was on the verge of acquiring the pro zoom lenses and primes. Before doing so, and as usual, I did my homework. I analyzed cross systemroughly equivalent outcomes:

First suprisingresult was that M43 has limited weight advantages in this specific comparison. The Nikon and Canon setups where approximately the same weight. But I would loose IBIS and EVF, which I have grown very fond of. Initially I had excluded Fujifilm in this comparison for unknown reasons, propably due to the lack of IBIS.

Same weight and advantages in DoF in my most desired focal lengths – nice. Shortly after doing the homework I came across an offer from my local retailer: the X-T10 with the18-55mm for a bargain. Spontaneously I got the set and ran MicroFourThirds inparallel.

Analyzing my experiences and pictures from South Africa revealed: I hardly needed the IBIS and most of the shots have been taken with the Panasonic FZ1000! Soon after the entire Olympus setup was sold. I reinvested in the following line up:

  • Fujifilm X-T10
  • Rokinon 12mm
  • Fujifilm XF 18mm F2
  • Fujifilm XF 23mm F1.4
  • Fujifilm XF 35mm F1.4
  • Fujifilm XF 56mm F1.2
  • Fujifilm XF 18-55mm F2.8-4
  • Fujifilm XF 55-200mm F3.5-4.8

I am just back from Budapest and Japan (writing this on the flight back; but publishing took a bit longer), loving the results and ease of photography. Due to the film simulations my post processing has beenreduced to a minimum, and with just 7 lenses I cover everything I need in alightweight combination. Even full frame would provide no advantages to me as I would rely on F1.8 lenses anyway. Well, apart from a 35mm F1.4 probably.

The X-T10 is surely no workhorse, and not everything is perfect in Fuji land. I would love a X-T2 with IBIS in an X-E3 body. But for now, it does everything I want it to do. So good even, that for the first time in my photography journey I have no urge to buy something new. Healed from GAS? Well, I am afraid this is only temporary….